Best Cartridge Alignment Protractors

There are some tools required for proper cartridge alignment. Many of you don’t know how to do cartridge alignment, so no problem. Today, Team JejuPro has reviewed some top cartridge alignment protractor tools that are beneficial for proper cartridge alignment. Suppose you don’t understand cartridge protractors and how it works, then in a short description. In that case, we can say that the cartridge protractor is a plastic template tool that helps you in distance measurement ( from stylus tip to tonearm pivot) correctly. A cartridge alignment protractor is a handy tool on which there are some null points and tangency lines printed for perfect measurement. Do you know about turntable spindles? There is a template placed against the platter is a turntable spindle which is primarily a size of the 0.25-inch hole (the U.K. opted), and for the U.S, the size is a 1.5-inch hole. So, below we have created a table where you will find listed best cartridge alignment protractors with awards and price buttons, so check them all.

Our Top 3 Recommendations

Best Cartridge Alignment Protractors Summary

Image Model Price
Turntable Phonograph Stylus Alignment Protractor Turntable Phonograph Stylus Alignment Protractor See On Amazon
Hudson Hi-Fi Cartridge Alignment Protractor Mat Hudson Hi-Fi Cartridge Alignment Protractor Mat See On Amazon
Zripool LP Vinyl Pickup Calibration Zripool LP Vinyl Pickup Calibration See On Amazon
Headshell Block VTA Azimuth Ruler Headshell Block VTA Azimuth Ruler See On Amazon
Record LP Vinyl with Magnifier Alignment Tool Record LP Vinyl with Magnifier Alignment Tool See On Amazon

Best Cartridge Alignment Protractors At a Glance:

Best Cartridge Alignment Protractors Reviews

Turntable Phonograph Stylus Alignment Protractor (Image credit: Amazon)

Turntable Phonograph Stylus Alignment Protractor

The first one is a Mirrored LP TT Phonograph Stylus Alignment Protractor which provides excellent visibility during the cartridge alignment process due to its clear mirrored surface. On the mirrored surface area back side there, you will find some printed directions, and by using it, you can easily do the accurate calibration. In addition, you can track tracking errors very easily As the Stylus alignment protractor allows you to read data fastly; personally, according to my experience, it is much harder to track the mistakes that were found on the inner grooves of the record player, but the phonograph protractor will help you in finding those internal groove errors, and within five to six-minute you can align your cartridge. The main benefits of using LP Stylus Alignment Protractor are that you can keep your sound quality high-end, and you can use cartridge protractor with S-shaped Tonearm and no matter about the size of platter because it can align perfectly to handle 12” vinyl records.

Hudson Hi-Fi Cartridge Alignment Protractor Mat (Image credit: Amazon)

Hudson Hi-Fi Cartridge Alignment Protractor Mat

Hudson Hi-Fi turntable cartridge alignment protractor mat is a one-sided alignment protractor mat that has been providing consumers with diagrams and instructions on how to align your cartridge in minutes without having to waste time with trial attempts or costly estimates by retailers. It comes with the latest UV printing technology, so you can create custom plates using a variety of image designs. And the plate provides you with detailed instructions to help ensure proper installation. You will be able to take full advantage of your new system in no time! You simply have to read the instructions that are provided by this alignment protractor mat. So, the Hudson hifi manufactures the best cartridge alignment protractors for turntable cartridge alignment.

Zripool LP Vinyl Pickup Calibration (Image credit: Amazon)

Zripool LP Vinyl Pickup Calibration

Vertical alignment protractors, like this Overshoot Protractor, help you to identify and correct tracking errors found on any VTA tonearm. This alignment tool also helps you to improve the quality of audio broadcasts. Not only that, the vertical alignment can be checked with ease thanks to the high-contrast image since it is specifically designed for this purpose. The overhang measuring is accurate thanks to the S-shape arm that features an extra magnifier. It’s a great tool for professionals engaged in fine-tuning their cartridge alignment as well as a NAB standard reference which makes it an essential piece of equipment anytime you’re involved in setting up a MI cartridge. This tool is used to find tracking issues and make sure your needle stays in the groove. It’s easy to use - just put it on top of your cartridge and adjust it until it looks straight on both sides. You can also use a loop over each side of the needle body, with one extending from the left side and one from the right. This alignment tool will work with virtually any turntable setup, so grab a pair before they’re all gone.

Headshell Block VTA Azimuth Ruler (Image credit: Amazon)

Headshell Block VTA Azimuth Ruler

This is a fantastic tool that I use to help with issues when operating my audio equipment. It’s a small adapter for turntables called an anti-skate device, and it can be used to help me align the needle (needle on this turntable only) of my record player in such a way that the sound becomes more pure and clear. It improves the fidelity of the output from your audio systems as you don’t likely have to turn up the volume so high anymore, which makes for a much better listening experience overall. Make sure you try out this anti-plate for yourself if you have any record player that needs re-calibration! This is a handy item that will help you adjust the Azimuth on your turntable. It has great depth and allows vertical tracking alignment. VTA & Azimuth alignment tools are available in the hardbound card carrying case. It is high definition PU leather bag with a headshell alignment block and comes with a headshell. A great tool to use for testing headshell. Magnifying glass is quite helpful for inspection purposes.

Record LP Vinyl with Magnifier Alignment Tool (Image credit: Amazon)

Record LP Vinyl with Magnifier Alignment Tool

Cartridge Alignment Protractor that helps to do the professional and exact alignment for better sound and longer stylus life. It is made of superior ABS plastic, which looks fully mirrored. It is quite helpful for mounting the cartridge to the headshell. It gives you precise alignment, which helps you get better sound quality.

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