If you wish to listen to your Audio-Technica turntable on a stereo system, a preamp is required. You might have to purchase a standalone preamp if your powered speaker doesn’t have one. It is important to ensure your powered speakers have a LINE output if you use them.

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How to Connect Audio-Technica Turntable to Powered Speakers Using 3.5 mm stereo AUX cable

A stereo AUX cable may be required if you intend to hook your Audio-Technica turntable up to powered speakers. Various audio devices can be connected with these cables. Your Turntable may also need to be connected to other audio devices besides the speakers.

The process of connecting your powered speakers to your Turntable is straightforward. However, you will need a 3.5 mm stereo AUX cable since your Turntable is not compatible with stereo headphones. The cable can be used for connecting your headphones or separate speakers to the Turntable. You can also connect your Turntable to a soundbar with a line-in cable. You can use the ground cable and audio cables, although they are usually separate.

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You can connect your speaker to your Turntable if it supports ARC (Advanced Remote Control). A separate phono preamp is needed to connect the audio cables from the turntables. Before connecting your Turntable, you’ll need to turn on the phono preamp, which can boost the signal.

In most cases, turntables are connected to stereo systems using a receiver. Some audiophiles, however, prefer to get rid of the receiver altogether. An external amplifier is unnecessary since the Turntable is connected directly to the speakers.

It is also possible to connect wireless speakers to your Turntable. This can be done with a Bluetooth transmitter or an RCA male to 3.5 mm stereo female adapter. It is important to note that the wireless connection may not provide the same audio quality as an AUX cable with a 3.5 mm stereo input. The second cable chain will also result from this type of connection.

The USB version of the Turntable can also be used to play music digitally if you have a USB connection. This option may be convenient for you when you prefer MP3s or CDs over vinyl records. Despite this, some people still enjoy listening to vinyl records on their portable audio players.

A turntable’s signal will be amplified by an amplifier and sent to the speakers. You may have an amplifier built into your Turntable, or you may have a separate amplifier. You’ll need an external amplifier if your Turntable does not have a built-in preamp. Depending on the device, the price can be wildly different.

How to Connect Audio Technica Turntable to Powered Speakers Using Bluetooth

Powered speakers can be connected to an Audio-Technica turntable using Bluetooth. Playback and volume can also be controlled with the Bluetooth device. A Bluetooth speaker can be connected to an RCA cable if your Turntable does not have a built-in preamp.

The Amazon website sells Bluetooth devices. If you want to transfer audio, make sure they have a codec that supports it. A good choice is an aptX codec since it is efficient and preserves more information than other codecs.

Most of these devices are inexpensive, starting at less than $20. Bluetooth-compatible speakers will be able to connect to them. Due to Bluetooth’s low fidelity, you will lose musical detail. You should look into a high-end wireless system if you’d prefer a higher-fidelity wireless connection.

Using a turntable without Bluetooth is also possible if you do not own Bluetooth-capable speakers. A phono preamp cable connects turntables to headphones or Hi-Fi systems with analogue inputs. You’ll need a separate phono preamp for Bluetooth-compatible headphones and tabletop speakers that don’t come with a phono preamp.

On your Turntable’s front left corner, you will find the Wireless Function Button that can be used to connect to Bluetooth-capable speakers. To turn on the Bluetooth transmitter, press the button. After flashing blue and red, the button should turn solid blue. A voice should say “Bluetooth connected” after pairing is complete.

A Wi-Fi system is another option for connecting your Turntable. However, this method has some drawbacks, such as complexity and cost. Using an analogue connection is the easiest method. It is common for Wi-Fi speakers to have analogue input. Connecting your Turntable to the Wi-Fi system is much easier and cheaper. Almost all Wi-Fi speakers can be used with turntables with built-in phono preamplifiers.

How to Connect Audio-Technica Turntable to Powered Speakers using aptX codec

Using a Bluetooth speaker, you can control the volume. Analog cables with 3.5 mm connectors can also be used. As well as supporting the aptX codec, the Turntable also supports Bluetooth. There are, however, some wireless devices that are not compatible with Bluetooth. It uses an A2DP Bluetooth profile and uses the aptX or SBC codec.

Using a Bluetooth transmitter is the first step to connecting your Audio-Technica Turntable to powered speakers via Bluetooth. One of the most efficient codecs is aptX, which must be supported. Other audio formats do not preserve as much information as this codec.

It is necessary to have Bluetooth-enabled powered speakers in order to connect your Turntable to powered speakers via Bluetooth. There are many types of Bluetooth speakers, including stereo receivers, hi-fi systems, and headphones. Purchasing a Bluetooth adapter can convert a turntable without Bluetooth capabilities into a Bluetooth-enabled one.

To connect Turntable to your audio system without Wi-Fi is by use a Bluetooth-enabled one (Best Way). It can, however, be quite costly. When you have the money, you can use a Bluetooth-enabled speaker as a base and upgrade to a Wi-Fi-enabled system.

The AT-LP3XBT Bluetooth turntable from Audio-Technica supports the aptX codec and comes with an external AC adapter. By doing this, you can reduce the signal chain’s noise. An AT-HS3 universal headshell is included with the Turntable, which costs $$$ shipped. Additionally, it has a detachable power cable.

Turntables can be connected to Bluetooth-enabled speakers using a Bluetooth transmitter with RCA or USB outputs. Use the transmitter to connect your Bluetooth-enabled speaker system to your speakers or stereo setup, and you can also use Bluetooth headphones to stream music.

It would be best if you chose a preamp with aptX compatibility whether you connect your Turntable to a Bluetooth-enabled stereo system or use a wired connection.

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How to Connect Turntable to Speakers

  • Make sure you have the proper audio cables if you want your Turntable to be connected to speakers.
  • RCA plugs should be on both ends of the cable, and then you need an RCA to 3.5mm mini-plug adapter, which comes with red and black plugs.

Use Ground cable

Your Turntable and speakers should be connected to the same ground wire, so both electronics are at ground potential (zero reference voltage).

  • To create a “ground loop” or 60-cycle alternating current even with a slight difference in ground potential, which can cause audible humming, which can be prevented by using a ground cable.
  • The grounding wire must first be connected to the metal chassis of your Turntable before the ground cable can be connected to the speakers. You should be able to spot this wire by looking under the metal chassis, as it is usually green with an unconnected copper spade connector. If you don’t want to use a twist tie, you can wrap the wire with something else.
  • You can buy Bluetooth turntables that connect wirelessly to your speakers if you have Bluetooth speakers, or you can buy a turntable with an AUX input. There are a number of features that make Bluetooth turntables appealing.
  • Connecting a turntable to speakers requires the right ground cable. G grounding the Turntable prevents unwanted noise from entering the speaker, so other cables carry the signal from the source to the speakers.

RCA to 3.5 mm (1/8'') mini-plug (female) adapter cable

In most home audio systems, RCA connectors or coaxial connectors are used, and each connector has two wires, one for audio and one for video. A portable music player and headphones are likely to use one of these connectors. Most modern devices can also be connected via 3.5mm connectors.

In Hi-Fi systems and consumer stereo equipment, RCA connectors are commonly used, originally for connecting phonographs to radios, but now they are used to output component video, so you will need an RCA to 3.5 mm (1/8") mini-plug (female) if you want to connect a turntable to speakers.

On home electronics, 1/4-inch phone jacks are used with microphones that have two or three conductors, unlike RCA phono plugs that carry a shielded signal and ground.

Cables with RCA to 3.5 mm mini-plugs are commonly used to connect turntables to speakers, and both female and male versions of this adapter cable are available.

Connecting a turntable to speakers is easy with an RCA to 3.5 mm mini-plug cable (female). The female end is connected to the stereo audio output on the stereo receiver, while the male is connected to the microphone (example).

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