This informative blog will be about how to upgrade and improve your cartridge. If you bought a secondhand turntable, you might have acquired your father’s old turntable or the latest brand-new turntable around where you want to enhance the cartridge’s capability. Changing the turntable cartridge is not a difficult task to do. On the contrary, it’s straightforward so let’s start.

Here we mentioned a turntable in which an OM5E cartridge was mounted already. The OM5E cartridge is mounted in many turntables, so, commonly, you will get a turntable with it. We particularly recommend that you can upgrade the OM5E with a 2M Red cartridge.

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How To Replace Turntable Cartridge Ortophone 2M Red

Now, what do we have to do now? First, you must learn how to replace the old cartridge by putting the new one on. The upgrade from OM5E to the 2M Red is a straightforward task because they are about the same size, so it’s quick to do. If you have a different cartridge as compared to OM5E, then you don’t need to worry about this situation. However, because they all are made in the same kind and sort with a body, let’s start Upgrade OM5E to 2M RED.

As you can see, 4 terminal pins at the end from where you can connect the wires from the tonearm, and then after, you will have two screws to keep the cartridge in place. So, to fit the new cartridge, firstly, take the wires off, do the screws out, thirdly, fit the new cartridge there, and then adjust the vertical tracking force.

You have to remove the headshell wires firstly. And if you have a turntable that is not old, you can assure that all headshell wires are colour-coded. Then this would be a straightforward thing to do. The cartridge (2M Red) you want to mount also contains colour Coding, so you were taking off the wires.

The wires and cartridge should not be color-coded if you have an Older turntable. In this situation, you have to take care of this thing. On the backside of the cartridge, you will generally see the letter “R” means Right, and the letter “L” means Left. And please also notify which wires go on which side. If we discuss a colour-coding concept, the right shows red and green, and the Left shows white and blue. So Red – plus=, right. White – plus= Left. Usually, you have color Coding, but if you don’t, then beware.

Now remove the headshell wires. If they seem to be pretty breakable with thin wires and if the wires become old, or if you’re using an old turntable, they might be even more breakable, so instead of these, you can also use a pair of tweezers or any needle nose pliers. You can try this step using your hands, but I prefer you use tweezers. We’ll get hold of the wires one by one and be aware of grabbing the only solid part, not the wire itself.

To off the wires one by one, grab the black part quickly and ensure you’re not destroying anything. And the last one is the same as this. Now wires are just hanging there and are color-coded; that’s why this is easy. Now we’re going to remove two screws. The screws by this cartridge are mounted with. And there is a nut at the end, so we cannot easily screw them off.

To hold the nut from the end, you required the pliers. Then after you have to go the other side and perform the same thing over here, this screw is a little bit complex to get out, but if you keep trying, you’ll get out in a few minutes. So for 2M Red, the screws we’re going to be using are provided with the 2M Red, and they are not the screws we used before. So If you want to exchange the Cartridges, be aware that you’re not using the same screws. So we take the 2M Red box. However, the shapes of cartridges don’t matter when you want to change the cartridge on an old turntable or the newer turntable because they are very commonly built.

2M RED VS OM5E (Review)

The everyday things for all the cartridges are four Pins at the end, and you have the two holes at the top to mount to the headshell. Compared to the shapes, OM5E has a small form, and 2M Red is like a diamond shape, but it does not matter because it will fit easily.

Compared to the OM5E, the 2M RED provides you with improved sound quality. Its structure is made out of suitable materials, and its a vibration-free. The inside of the 2M RED contains split-pole pins, which will give you High- Frequency, high resolution, and the rubber suspension in the cartridge, all different features from OM5E. As a result, you’ll get healthy, substantial upgrades from the OM5E, and It will give you better sound quality; therefore, it will be a worthy upgrade.


While Unboxing the 2M RED cartridge, you’ll find a few things there at the bottom part. The critical point you’ll need to know about the screws is to look at the box to see what else is. You’ll find a “screwdriver” in the box, and you can use that. A “stylus brush” might be helpful for you in the future. Because if you have your old turntable or got it from your father, they might not come up with a stylus brush. So now you have a stylus brush in your box supplied by 2M Red. Finally, there are some screws you’ll find in the box: two short ones and two long ones. What kind of screw you want to use depends on the tonearm where you’re going to mount it. If the shape of the tonearm seems to be very thick or if the headshell also looks very thick where you mount the cartridge, You need the Long one’s screws. Or If its looks thinner, you would use the short ones.

When You look at the back end, you’ll find colour coding red, white, blue, and green. And green is covered by the ground connection. So now, Let’s take all the wires and connect them. We Prefer tweezers, but you can easily use other tools. And make sure don’t hold on to the wire because they’re skinny and fragile.

If your turntable is old, there may be wires in breakable form and a terrible situation, so always be careful. Now it’s time to mount the cartridge onto the headshell and find where the screws can quickly come. Mount the first screw very slightly, not tightening totally. This way, you’ll find them easier to mount and don’t need to nut at the end.

You can see threaded holes at the top view of the cartridge, so just put a screw in from the top. Now you can think that where do I PLACE THE CARTRIDGe? You’ll find the long holes in many headshells and an excellent place to put the cartridge in the middle of the long holes. So you can use that point as a starting point. Of course, the middle position will always be suitable and a better starting place.

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